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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: APR's thread-detection heuristics
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 17:35:07 GMT
> You misunderstand. As we all know, there are certain flags, compilers,
> libs, etc.. that autoconf simply cannot automatically detect. There
> are also some areas where our knowledge of what works for 1.3, can
> "help" 2.0's autoconf. Things like not selecting fcntl() file
> locking for some OSs because it's slower than flock(). What I'm
> looking at is nothing more that a "hints" file that says, at the start
> of the configure process "Aha, you are running FooBar. You want
> CC set to gcc, CFLAGS to -D_POSIX and LIBS set to -lposix." For
> all other OSs there is NO impact at all, but for those that we have
> current knowledge about, configure should be smart enough to maintain
> that, rather than requiring, for example, the above user (who doesn't
> need to worry about that fluff under 1.3) to have to type:
>     CC=gcc CFLAGS="-D_POSIX" LIBS="-lposix" ./configure
> configure should do all that itself, and the "hints" (platforms.m4)
> file will do that. 
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I'll be very excited to see platforms.m4.  Thanks for working on this!

Thanks also to Sascha for all of his work!!!
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