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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Add hook to get server read.
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 21:43:15 GMT

----- Original Message ----- > Okay, so I am posting this because it is a relatively large
patch.  I
> would like to commit this ASAP before too much other stuff
> changes.  Basically, this patch allows module authors to hook into the
> config file read stage.  Module authors declare that their variables
> should be EXEC_ON_READ, and when that directive is read, the associated
> function is called.  This should only be done for directives that modify
> how the server interprets the config, not for modifying the tree
> itself.  For example, in this patch, I have got LoadModule, AddModule,
> ClearModuleList, IfModule and IfDefine as EXEC_ON_READ.  The
> Load/Add/Clear Module stuff should just make sense.  If the modules aren't
> included in the server, the server doesn't understand all of the
> directives.  The IfModule and IfDefine are EXEC_ON_READ because We really
> don't want the things inside those containers in the config if the
> statement is false.
> This is also how mod_perl will hook things for the <perl>
> directive.  Basically, <perl> will be EXEC_ON_READ, so when this is hit,
> mod_perl takes over and reads from the config file until </perl>, and this
> whole section of the file _should_ be put into the tree as raw
> text.  Then, during the walk phase, mod_perl converts the perl code into
> actual Apache directives.
> If you want external config parsers, then your whole config becomes:
> ReadExternalConfig "foobar"

What are external config parsers? Are you saying that this patch will allow a module to be
written that can parse, say a Java properties file with Apache config directives in it and
put this info directly into Apache's internal config structures?

What problem was driving you to this solution?


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