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From "jlwpc1" <>
Subject Re: BUFF, IOL, Chunking, and Unicode in 2.0 (long)
Date Sat, 06 May 2000 21:19:01 GMT
From: William A. Rowe, Jr. <>

> Win32 offers functions to translate into or out of Unicode.

Yes Win32 does offer functions to do this but NT/W2K/Win64 OS also does this every time it
"runs" any Apache Server "call/function/action".  NT/W2K/Win64 are Unicode "full time" systems.


NT/W2K/Win64 "defaulted" Unicode OS waiting on the MS Explorer screen.
NT Unicode loads the Apache Server.
NT "notices"  - what no Unicode as it  prepares to get the first non Unicode "action".
NT gets the "action" by switching out of Unicode.
NT after getting the "action" switches back in to Unicode and does what the Apache "action"
NT switches back out of Unicode to return the "action" to Apache.
NT/W2K/Win64 switches back to Unicode waiting the next "action" from Apache (which we know
will not be a Unicode action).

NT/W2K/Win64 does this for each non Unicode "action" in Apache Server - every "action"!

So here you have a Unicode OS maybe spending more time switching in and out of Unicode than
serving Apache "actions".


Win9x "defaulted" Ansi computer sitting on the MS Explorer screen.
Win9x loads non Unicode Apache Server.
Win9x does the non Unicode "action".
Win9x sits waiting the next non Unicode Apache Server "action"

See any difference?

Now that is just Unicode (an OS action).  There is also the Non Win32 calls (like c run time)
switching to Win32 calls.


Win9x, NT/W2K, and Win64 computers sit waiting for a Win32 "action".
The computers get a non Win32 c run time strcmp, beginthread, etc. and switches out of Win32.
The computer after getting the non Win32 "action", switches back to Win32 (Create Thread)
and does the work or "action".
The computer switches back to non Win32 to return the "action" to the c run time.
Then the computer switches back to Win32 to wait for next Win32 "action".


The computer in Win32 mode sits waiting.
The computer gets CreateThread - a Win32 function.
The computer does it and returns the "action" all in Win32 mode.
The computer waits in Win32 mode. 

See any difference?

 > This gives us 2 trips to convert, say, ISO-8599-1 to ISO-8599-7.


Like the above?

> This is not the best solution for performance or memory.

So whatever it is that Apache Server wants to do, the programmer can do it faster/better than
Win32 or the NT/W2K/Win64 OS?

> Win32 translates by codepage integers, not by string names.

And this is good/bad for what Apache Server wants to do?

Okay now in simple words for me and/or "fake" Win32 code  - what does Apache Server want to


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