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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: A silly question perhaps...
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 17:35:59 GMT
> > > Each MPM defines SAFE_ACCEPT or something like it based on
> > > NO_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT.  SAFE_ACCEPT then calls an APR function which knows
> > > what kind of mechanism to use for SERIALIZATION on each platform.
> >
> > I think Bill's point is "where can we override what APR selects."
> > Recall that some OSs support more than one version, but using
> > one results in bogus performance over choosing another. For example,
> > using FCNTL under NFS is very SLOW for some OSs so instead you'd
> > want FLOCK (even when your locks aren't ON an NFS volume).
> I thought that was what the hints.m4 file was being used for.  It would be
> very nice to be able to be able to do:
> ./configure --with-lock-method=(flock|fcntl|semaphore)
> when configuring APR, but I think that can be handled in the future, after
> the first beta.  :-)

It is not clear to me how to determine what locking method APR is even using.  httpd -V
doesn't work now. As you probably intuit, I've just started hacking around in AIX after a
long absence :-)


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