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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src/ap ap.dsp
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 04:26:09 GMT
> wrowe       00/05/27 21:03:32
>   Modified:    src      Apache.dsp Apache.dsw ApacheCore.dsp
>   Removed:     src/ap   ap.dsp
>   Log:
>     Kill the Win32 library project ap.dsp and slide http_main.c from the
>     ApacheCore.dsp into Apache.dsp - this is in prepartion of the real
>     services update, which will move registry.c and service.c back into
>     ApacheCore.dsp, kill both headers and incorporate their symbols into
>     the mpm/winnt/winnt.h file.  main_win32.c will die as well, with it's
>     few remaining functions moving into the mpm.

One question, does anyone object if registry.c and service.c move into
modules/mpm/winnt?  They won't be supporting anything but the mpm's

Everything is building, almost everything runs, however htpasswd insists
on the ApacheCore.dll which sits in another directory that it doesn't see.
Gut instinct is a two-layer solution just like aprlib/aprlibdll, perhaps
call them core and coredll, but I'll let others scream they hate it before
I push that.

Would anyone like to drop the os/win32/registry.h from the list of files
to touch when rolling?  I need to split the version #define into components,
and we can remerge them into the current macro name.  I'll use the components
to play with the key.  If noone objects, I will do that tommorow.  Other
that that, I will only be touching os/win32 and modules/mpm/winnt tommorow.

G'night all

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