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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Platform Specific APR Design Questions
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 23:19:10 GMT
Thanks, and also to Greg for the clarification

> From: []
> Sent: Friday, May 19, 2000 3:10 PM
> I also don't see how this code could be used for
> any project other than Apache.

The new registry.c/registry.h is -VERY- abstract, IMHO.

> > > extern ap_status_t ap_registry_get_value(ap_pool_t *p, 
> char *key, char *name, char **ppValue);
> > > extern ap_status_t ap_registry_store_value(char *key, 
> char *name, void *value);
> > > extern ap_status_t ap_registry_delete_value(char *key, 
> char *name);
> > > extern ap_status_t ap_registry_delete_key(char *key);

The only constant in the new logic is the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
root for all ops.  Everything else was ripped into service.c,
which understands where service keys belong.  It would be 
useful to any Win32/APR application (of which there will 
someday be many, right :-?  Agreed on leaving it out of APR.
Of course services.c/services.h is next to hopeless for
reuse (although this too could change), and main_win32.c is 
forever useless to anything else, other than as example code.

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