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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: BUFF, IOL, Chunking, and Unicode in 2.0 (long)
Date Sun, 07 May 2000 19:53:59 GMT
> CharsetByPort
>   I don't understand why this is needed.  Doesn't virtual server plus
>   some other required character set configuration provide the desired
>   function? 

A very cool directive for antique browsers...

Allows port 80 to server 8859-1, 8082 to serve 8859-2 etc...
I think that need is (pretty much) gone.

> CharsetAgent
>   ??

Equally obsurce directive, tells us which browsers use/misunderstand
which charset options.

> CharsetSourceEnc
>   this seems o.k., but I'm not sure this is part of a minimal
>   solution.  More reading on my part is required :)

Of *COURSE* we need this (think default src-charset to iconv).
Think in terms of this... if Joe is from England, he expects 'his'
website to be written in 8859-1.  That won't be true of Jane in
Scandinavia, or Ralph in Croatia.  I would expect this is more of
a global, and directory local option.

> CharsetByExtension
>   AddCharset is the official way to do this now, right?

That's what we hope :-)


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