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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Platform Specific APR Design Questions
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 22:37:35 GMT
Ok, Ryan, here's something I need guidance in...

os/win32/registry.c was a hack to store info in the registry.  
It contained about 2 too many levels of abstraction, so I've 
chopped it down quite a bit and moved specific keys into
the os/win32/service.c module.  

The crux of the module are the following functions:

extern ap_status_t ap_registry_get_value(ap_pool_t *p, char *key, char *name, char **ppValue);
extern ap_status_t ap_registry_store_value(char *key, char *name, void *value);
extern ap_status_t ap_registry_delete_value(char *key, char *name);
extern ap_status_t ap_registry_delete_key(char *key);

Key creation is implicit.  A pool is preallocated to handle
the creation of the returned value.

Is this appropriate for APR?  It certainly isn't a functionally
abstract unit, but does apply APR (pool storage) to a specific
platform.  There is really no equivilant on other platforms,
and the usage would be entirely different (for that matter,
it's entirely different between NT and 9x :-)

Let me know and I'll slide it to lib/apr/misc, if you deem this
the right solution.


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