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From Sam Magnuson <>
Subject mod_proxy port process
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 21:32:18 GMT

All -

I've done some work on mod_proxy recently massaging it to work with the 2.0
architecture. Most changes have been in design and implementation rather than
actual end-user changes. After porting the proxy to 2.0, I then split the
caching functionality off from the proxy.  The major motivation for this was
other proxies can use this caching mechanism as is, however it also buys apache
the ability to plug in new caching backends, and just have to hook the
initialization call, this means I'm submitting changes to mod_proxy (the port
to 2.0 and incorporating the new caching facilities), a new modules file_cache
which is basically chopped up file caching from mod_proxy to work with the new
cache interface, and finally a caching interface (attached), and routines to
bind the caching modules and the interface together.

I'm hoping to get comments on any part of this. I have a separate patch for the
mod_proxy port to 2.0 if people are interested in only that, however I'd really
like to see some (if not all) of the caching pieces make it into apache. 

All diffs have been against apache-2.0a2. I've attached the caching interface
for comment to this mail, and have placed the actual patches at:

//Sam Magnuson

E-Mail: Sam Magnuson <>
Date: 18-Apr-00
Time: 14:32:18

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