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From Sam Tregar <>
Subject [PATCH] ProxyRewriteHostHeader
Date Mon, 01 May 2000 01:53:29 GMT
Hello again.  I'm back with a first-try patch to add the
ProxyRewriteHostHeader option to mod_proxy.  This configuration directive
controls wether mod_proxy will rewrite the Host header or pass it through
unchanged.  The default is to rewrite, which is the current behavior.  
This mirrors a setting available in Squid - redirect_rewrites_host_header.

This feature can be used to support reverse-proxying with backend servers
that don't know their "real" hostname.

This is a patch to the 1.3 CVS tree.  I will also produce a 2.0 patch, if
requested.  BTW, I didn't see anywhere obvious to do a documentation
patch; perhaps someone could point me in the right direction?  Also, I
developed a little test script, but probably there's a more established
way to add test cases - anyone care to explain?


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