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Subject Re: config hook design
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2000 11:31:14 GMT

> > is no better than the configuration modules.  BTW, two tools because one
> > has to convert to a file format that people can hack, and the second has
> > to convert back.
> Huh? Why is there ever a need to convert back. Humans shouldn't be
> hacking on both sides.

Yep, humans work on one side, but the server works on the other.  The
steps to edit a config file are:

convert from dir structure to single file
hack config file
convert back to allow Apache to understand config.

> > Well, we have the idea of inheritance in our config files, but this system
> > means that you need a directory even if you aren't changing anything,
> > because you might change something in a sub-directory.
> I can't parse this.

Take this example.  I have DocRoot, DocRoot/foo, and DocRoot/foo/bar.  In
the 1.3 config file I have:

<Directory DocRoot>
    AllowOverride ALL

<Directory DocRoot/foo/bar>
    AllowOverride NONE

The allowoverride is on for DocRoot and DocRoot/foo, but off for

In a directory structure, you would need three Directories, one for each,
but the foo directory would be basically empty, because it inherits
everything from DocRoot.  This just opens up another place for people to
forget to look.

> But don't hang the rest of my argument for out-of-process
> configuration on this one proposal. 

I'm just dealing with a qmail style config file.  Others, who need the
in-process config option, are discussing that.  I think they are doing a
fine job explaining why having the ability to do config parsing in-process
is useful.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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