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Subject Re: [PATCH] 2nd draft of APR wrapper for iconv
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 11:20:00 GMT
> There is one minor problem I still need to address:
> In my current implementation, listed below, we need to know whether or
> not we HAVE_ICONV when we compile the APR client app.  This means we
> need to include apr_config.h from apr_cp.h.  Bad!  (We have a lot of
> symbols which aren't namespace protected.)
> Desired solution: 
> Always emit prototypes in apr_cp.h but have empty functions in cp.c
> when we don't HAVE_ICONV.  These functions would return APR_ENOTIMPL,
> of course.
> Any problems with this solution?

Yes, this problem has appeared before, and needs to be solved the same way
throughout APR.  look at apr.h, and all of the APR_HAS_FOO macros.  The
same thing should be done here.

I'll look at the rest of the patch later.


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