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Subject Re: pool vs. context
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 13:52:47 GMT

> > > what is really confusing me right now as i study the APR code and try to
> > > figure out if the ap_{set,get}_userdata API is even used is that there are
> > > numerous functions which all just wrap ap_{set,get}_userdata:
> > 
> > Your right, these functions are never used.  When I was creating contexts,
> > I was asked to create a way to add data to contexts, and to all APR
> > types.  I did that.  We are wrapping the functions, because currently
> > programmers can't get a context out of any of the APR types, and contexts
> > are incomplete types.
> > 
> > Once a decision is made on going back to calling the things pools (that
> > seems to be the groups leaning, and I really don't care what we call
> > them, they perform the same function), I can easily rip out the code that
> > allows us to add data to them and/or remove the functions wrappers, and
> > allow people to grab pools from APR types.
> i think you're still missing my point... just move the "context" stuff,
> the userdata stuff, into the pool structure.  there's no reason to get rid
> of it, i'm willing to assume there's a need for it.

Didn't miss your point, because that's exactly what I did with the code I
posted yesterday.  :-)

Now, I would really like to get a group consensus before I commit the big
change to go from contexts back to pools.  I have a +1 from dean, a +0
from me, a +0 from Roy and what I think a -1 or -0 from Greg.  Would
anybody else like to speak up?  If not, I will commit the big change
tomorrow sometime.  :-)


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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