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Subject Buffered I/O in APR
Date Sat, 08 Apr 2000 20:34:20 GMT

Based on the mail on the list over the last few days, there seem to be
a few problems with buffered I/O.  Everybody seems to want it in APR
however.  We can't just take the BUFF stuff, because that knows about
chunking.  We can't use the stdio.h stuff, because that imposes limits on
some platforms.  We have to be careful how we implement it, because it can
really mess up the code.

I have a suggestion.  Brian volunteered the buffering code that OS/2 is
currently using.  I say we add all of the buffering logic to the current
APR file I/O code.  Apache won't use it at all, because Apache already
does it's own buffering.  Anytime a file is opened with the APR_BUFFERED
flag (currently removed), we use the buffering logic, otherwise we don't.

I will suggest not using the stdio buffering at all, because of the
limitations on some platforms.  I think if we try to implement buffering
with stdio on some platforms, and not others, we are asking for trouble.

Thoughts?  If this is agreeable, and Brian would like to post his
buffering code (unless it is already in the APR tree), somebody can get
busy porting it.  This has one other major advantage, presumably, if OS/2
and Unix are using the same buffering code, they _might_ be able to use
the same code completely, thereby reducing code duplication in APR.



Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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