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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: <Perl> vs. external config
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2000 10:01:55 GMT
On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Doug MacEachern wrote:
> Manoj wrote:
> > If the accessibility of the rest of the Apache config is dead simple
> > (and I think that's mandatory for the external config parser idea to
> > work), then I don't think it's a burden for a webmaster to write his
> > own Perl code to fill in the missing details of an Apache config if he
> > was already planning to use embedded Perl in the config file anyway.
> again, how does the external parser know the parse rules defined in the
> command_rec's ?  and again, i don't care how "simple" the config is to
> parse, there's already a parser inside Apache, i want to reuse it.
> along with reusing other pieces of the already defined/implemented api i
> pointed out.

Not only parse rules, but the semantics of mapping those arguments into
the internal configuration of Apache. For example:

Options MultiViews Indexes
<Directory /foo>
  Options -Indexes
    ... line noise ...

How in the hell is the *external* processor supposed to figure out the
final value of the Options that apply inside that directory? Are you
saying the processor needs to replicate all the handling of the Options
statement? Cha, right. And monkeys are going to fly out of your butt. And
it isn't going to feel good...

> i don't understand what the problem is with leaving this option open.  if
> you want to use an external parser/generator, fine.  all apache has to do
> to maintain the other option is to allow a <Container> to contain an
> arbitrary chunk of text that is handled by a third-party module.  where is
> the harm in that?

We don't need a Container module. This is easily handled by the type (1)
hook that I specified in my design note. Apache provides the hook and then
does nothing else. Simple as all hell for Apache -- we declare a hook,
implement it, and run it during the file processing. What is that? Three
lines of code using those AP_HOOK macros?

Tossing the requirement for external tools just to save a few lines of
code is so backwards, it is silly.


Greg Stein,

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