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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Configuration modules...
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 20:57:34 GMT
On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, dean gaudet wrote:
> i am -1 on config modules.  just like i'm -1 on including log filtering
> functionality.  for the same reason:  this is so bloody easy to do OUTSIDE
> the server that we shouldn't be making our code EVEN MORE MONOLITHIC by
> including it.

We aren't including it, we're giving people options.

> assume we change the internal config language to XML.  then it's trivial
> for anyone to write a perl/java/C program that translates
> MyFavouriteLanguage to XML.

Consider the case where the data comes from LDAP. How do you synchronize
changes in LDAP with the XML config file? A cron job? A manual "resync"
operation that must be invoked after each LDAP change?

There are certain types of configuration sources that simply do not map
well to "here is a config file."

I think what you should argue for is the capability to read config data
from a pipe. The other end of the pipe can grab the data from the source,
format it as XML, and shove it down the pipe.

IMO, we still want the modularization around the config stuff so that we
can read it from a file or read it from a pipe. Of course, that's just
reading from an fd, but there are more benefits to modularization.

Creating modules/abstractions within Apache is a Good Thing. Ryan's work
on constructing the internal tree (which has several uses) and
encapsulating the existing config reader has merit all on its own. If you
want to veto something, then at least wait until he starts dynamically
loading config modules :-)

Logging modules are a separate discussion. I generally agree with you
there, although I do think we could see some improvements in how we manage
the setup of the logging.


Greg Stein,

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