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Subject Re: [Bug 26] Changed - Irix locking problems
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2000 20:54:09 GMT
On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Mike Abbott wrote:

> > Can I ask why this bug report was re-opened?  As far as I can see the vast
> > majority of this patch was applied to CVS.
> You missed at least one important change (= vs ==).  I should have
> included my comments when I reopened the bug but I'm still getting used
> to bugzilla.  I'm in the middle of updating the bug report now.

Okay.  Sorry.  I'll fix that today then, as soon as the bug report is
updated in fact.

> I hope you allow people to change the status of bugs and to append
> comments (but not edit the existing comments), even if they are not the
> submitter or assignee.  When I encounter a problem I search first to see
> if an existing bug describes it, and if so I may add my own comments and
> possibly reopen it.  For example, a bug that someone found and thought
> they fixed on FooOS might still affect BarOS, or someone might fix a bug
> incompletely (as is the case for #26).
> Perhaps this is a style difference but I prefer to re-use existing bug
> reports rather than create duplicate ones (for the same problem only, of
> course).

I would rather people used existing bug reports as well, but allowing
anybody to modify the state of a bug seems like a recipe for disaster to
me.  I am not sure of the best way to fix this, but in GNATS anybody can
modify and attach comments to a bug, but only certain people can change
the state.  That seems to have worked so far, but I'm not sure if it's
good or not.

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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