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Subject Re: RANT: Absolute Paths and configure
Date Sun, 02 Apr 2000 15:15:32 GMT

> ...well, another alpha goes by, and make still fails on Tru64 because
> the includes don't use absolute paths. Is no-one interested in this?

I thought somebody was working on it, so I stopped.  I am not a big fan of
our current make process, and I am avoiding it when possible.  If there is
no patch submitted today, I'll look at fixing this tomorrow first thing.

> Also, wtf is going on with APACHE_MPM_THREAD (in
> src/modules/mpm/config.m4)? APR correctly figures out how to build
> threaded stuff, then this goes and blows it by making a half-assed guess
> (and failing). Commenting it out at least gets configure to complete on
> Tru64.

What do you mean it blows it by making a half-assed guess?  Could oyu be a
bit more specific

> This configure stuff is a nightmare. I thought it was supposed to be an
> improvement, but it seems to me to be so incredibly tangled that no-one
> stands a chance of figuring it out.
> Surely there's a better way!

I think that autoconf is great when used for a simple program, but the
more complex the program, the more convoluted the autoconf stuff gets.  If
you can find a better way to configure this stuff, then I'm behind you.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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