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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: [Python-Dev] [OT] [Q] corruption in DB files? (fwd)
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2000 00:12:06 GMT
Greg Stein <> wrote:
>FYI, here is the response that I got regarding DB corruption.
>It would be interesting to track down the change log for 1.86 and see if
>it says anything about the hash problems.

Hmm. says the following:

| Specifically, we recommend that you avoid the following operations
| when using versions 1.85 and 1.86:
|     Btree cursor (seq and put using a cursor) operations.
|     Large numbers of btree duplicates (specifically, avoid migrating
|     duplicate keys to internal pages).
|     Large numbers of btree deletes (you should periodically dump and
|     rebuild the database if you delete large numbers of records).
|     Overwriting or deleting overflow hash key/data pairs (pairs with
|     items larger than the page size).
|     Intermixing hash cursor operations with deletes. 
| In addition: 
|     As there was no locking support in version 1.85, you cannot
|     perform concurrent read/write operations in the database.
|     As there was no logging or transaction support in version 1.85,
|     you must re-create your database whenever abnormal application
|     termination occurs (e.g., either the application or the system
|     crashes) as the database may have been left in a corrupted state.

Sounds like btrees are more flaky than hashes to me...

331 face first into the furnace

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