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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Errno code in APR again.
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 01:57:04 GMT writes:
> Why didn't we have this problem in 1.3?  Everything I am looking at in the
> 1.3 tree checks for EAGAIN.  We have one platform that defines EAGAIN to
> be EWOULDBLOCK in ap_config.h

My notes on this topic are the property of a former employer now, so
I have to try to dredge this out of my very faulty memory.

The problem with code like:
  if ( errno == EWOULDBLOCK || errno == EAGAIN ){
or the equivalent switch statement is not that the
compiler declines to eliminate it but that the compiler
warns about duplicate case tests if you are using
tough manly compiler settings.

Yes these mean different things, and we some Unix implementations
use them.  I seem to recall that the variations on sunos, and
some older HP systems.

I'd suggest that APR map EAGAIN into EWOULDBLOCK before returning
on those platforms where the problem comes up.

 - ben

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