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Subject RE: [PATCH] APR wrapper for iconv
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 15:12:37 GMT

> Changes from Ryan's sketch of apr_iconv.h, beyond function

>  signatures:


>  1) ap_translate_codepage() is renamed to ap_translate_buffer() for
>     no good reason

Probably because it's the buffer that gets translated, not the codepage.

I would prefer it to be called ap_convert_buffer() simply because

sounds like you're doing a language translation, which we are not.

makes more sense.

>  2) no special preprocessor symbol is required to build this into
>     APR; if iconv() isn't available, nothing will be supported
>     since there is no fall-back mechanism; ap_codepage_open() will
>     fail at run-time;


>  Should the file be apr/lib/apr_iconv.c or apr/misc/unix/apr_iconv.c?
>  I know of a eUnix system/RTL with no iconv() and I think I know of a
>  non-Unix system/RTL with iconv(), so I don't really consider this
>  Unix-specific.  The possible future addition of non-iconv()
>  translation support would help Unix (some) and non-Unix alike.


>  Currently the set of routines is


>  ap_codepage_open()
>  ap_translate_buffer()
>  ap_translate_char()
>  ap_codepage_close()

>  and the "handle" is ap_iconv_t.


>  I prefer to change these names at some point (either to be more
>  consistent with iconv() or just more consistent among themselves), but
>  there is no need to do that immediately unless somebody feels like
>  thinking about it now.

Yeah, more consistent with iconv() would be good.  Again, as I mentioned

above, 'convert' would be better than 'translate' IMO.

Rob Simonson
AS/400 Apache Web Server

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