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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Feature Proposal: ProxyRewriteHostHeader
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:31:53 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> I believe that Graham Leggett was working on some code to distinguish
> between the forward and reverse aspects. Essentially, to modularize the
> pieces so that it is easier to make choices about this stuff.

So far I have created (and posted) a patch that intends to "fix" the
mod_proxy as it stands now. It adds HTTP/1.1 support, and removes most
of the FIXMEs that were in the original implementation. The point behind
this exersize was to make sure we had a stable and complete
implementation to use as a starting off point before starting work on
mod_proxy for v2.0.

>From discussions I have had so far, it looks like mod_proxy will be a
very different beast than it was in v1.3. One idea is to separate the
"cache" aspects from the "proxy" aspects of mod_proxy, and then spread
the "cache" functionality throughout the server. Instead of just remote
requests, simple HTML and CGI requests will be cachable.

I don't know what is to happen to the "forward" caching behavior of
mod_proxy. To be honest I believe it is a security risk - an incorrectly
configured mod_proxy can work, but then allow someone to use it as a
gateway into your network. One of the things I intent doing is making
the configuration of the "reverse" behavior very different to the
"forward" behavior to ensure none of this is confused with each other.

It was suggested a while back that the forward functionality be canned,
and some people protested. Either way I don't mind, as long as the two
functions are clearly distinguished from each other.


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