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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Buffered I/O in APR
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2000 17:09:06 GMT wrote:
> Based on the mail on the list over the last few days, there seem to be
> a few problems with buffered I/O.  Everybody seems to want it in APR
> however.  We can't just take the BUFF stuff, because that knows about
> chunking.  We can't use the stdio.h stuff, because that imposes limits on
> some platforms.  We have to be careful how we implement it, because it can
> really mess up the code.
> I have a suggestion.  Brian volunteered the buffering code that OS/2 is
> currently using.  I say we add all of the buffering logic to the current
> APR file I/O code.  Apache won't use it at all, because Apache already
> does it's own buffering.  Anytime a file is opened with the APR_BUFFERED
> flag (currently removed), we use the buffering logic, otherwise we don't.
> I will suggest not using the stdio buffering at all, because of the
> limitations on some platforms.  I think if we try to implement buffering
> with stdio on some platforms, and not others, we are asking for trouble.
> Thoughts?  If this is agreeable, and Brian would like to post his
> buffering code (unless it is already in the APR tree), somebody can get
> busy porting it.  This has one other major advantage, presumably, if OS/2
> and Unix are using the same buffering code, they _might_ be able to use
> the same code completely, thereby reducing code duplication in APR.

Sounds good to me (but note, I haven't read the OS/2 code).




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