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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Configuration modules...
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 17:39:29 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:

> So, there has been some talk of adding configuration modules to Apache
> 2.0.  Well, as Greg Stein mentioned last week sometime, we have some
> thoughts on how to do this.  I will try to explain the concept and the
> steps that we envision for doing this, and then I will sit back and await
> the searing heat of flames.  :-)

I've been mulling over including LDAP configuration support into Apache
for a while now, and as soon as mod_proxy was out of the way I was going
to look at it.

My original idea was to expand the Include directive to include more
than just a config file, but could also perhaps include an URL, such as
ldap://server/filter. The object towards which the filter pointed would
then be included as if it was a flat file.

Inside the LDAP database, an objectclass could be defined a bit like so:

objectclass: apacheGlobal
apPort: 80
apLogLevel: warn

Basically each attribute is simply the Apache config directive with an
"ap" in front so it doesn't clash with anything.

When it comes to <VirtualHost>'s, <Directory>'s etc, in addition to the
name and port, or the URL, it also gives the DN of another object that
contains it's configuration. ie we have one LDAP object for the global
config, and one for each Virtualhost config, etc etc.


objectclass: apacheVirtualHost
apAccessLog: logs/jack.domain.com_access

Being LDAP, multiple machines can point at the same LDAP tree, on either
one LDAP server, or many replicated LDAP servers. A suitable graphical
tool could be used to manage the LDAP database and not touch the
servers. All that would be needed perhaps is a way to restart the
server, or perhaps Apache can periodically check a "last modified" date
on each object to check whether it should "restart".

Any thoughts?


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