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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: RANT: Absolute Paths and configure
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 23:03:20 GMT wrote:
> > > What do you mean it blows it by making a half-assed guess?  Could oyu be a
> > > bit more specific
> >
> > What I mean is that it does an AC_CHECK_FUNC on pthread_create() which
> > fails on Tru64 because it doesn't include <pthread.h>. However,
> > src/lib/apr/threads.mp4 has _already_ checked for pthread_create(). So,
> > I don't understand why it is being done again.
> >
> > Oh, BTW, these things appear to be done is a pseudo-random order, so
> > there's no guarantee that the MPM config will come after the APR config.
> > AFAICS, that is, which isn't very far.
> I seem to think that the APR configure script should always be run after
> the MPM stuff, not before.  I think we are checking twice because I am
> insisting that APR always be configurable as a separate module.  :-)


a) it is run first, not second
b) MPM _must_ rely on APR. That doesn't mean APR relies on MPM.




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