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From Jim Winstead <>
Subject Re: external config processing
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2000 16:57:28 GMT
On Apr 28, Greg Stein wrote:
> If we're going to write the code, then why shove it into an completely new
> tool?
> I find it rather silly to write code to support Config Format X, but dump
> that off into a separate tool. The code is going to live somewhere. Why
> shouldn't I place it into Apache itself?
> Code is code. It isn't going to make anything simpler if I have to draw an
> artificial line on where the code should fall. I still have to write and
> maintain the stuff.

Yeah, I can't wait until Apache reads mail, either. Or for that
silly 'cat' utility to grow up and learn how to be a webserver.

Yes, I'm being extreme. You're just drawing your artificial line
further away from the core web-serving functionality. Doesn't make
it any less artificial.

Why is there an 'apachectl' script? Couldn't the httpd binary just
as well handle 'start', 'stop', 'restart', 'configtest', etc
command-line arguments?


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