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From Sascha Schumann <>
Subject Re: Big RANT on our configure system.
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 15:58:53 GMT
On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 08:46:50AM -0400, wrote:
> <RANT>
> This configure system is absolutely horrible.  I have been trying to add a
> simple option to it for over three hours now.  All I am trying to add, is
> --with-program-name, so that we can have different executable names.  I am
> not even trying to get the other files like httpd.conf to change yet, just
> the executable name.  I wrote a good portion of the APR autoconf stuff, so
> I do understand how this should be done.  I can't make it work.  This
> system doesn't substitute things.

The philosophy behind the autoconf stuff is:

Make itself can substitute variables; we do not need sed for

There were two problems in the current code:

1.) progname was set after was generated, so
progname was always empty
2.) src/ should use $(progname), used @progname@

> Now, I am a bit calmer, no I do not want to see us rip the configure
> process out completely.  I would like to see it re-vamped completely, and
> soon.  We have comments in the configure code that says to use
> $(FOO) style variables in the Makefiles, but that isn't how autoconf
> works.  What we have is a bastardization of autconf and shell script as
> near as I can tell.  We need to decide on one or the other, not both!

I have these tasks almost completed:

- improve build system to work on Tru64
- improve build system to support VPATH

It's up to the people on new-httpd to decide whether they want to
revamp the whole system. If they do, I can go and spend my time
on something more fruitful.

- Sascha

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