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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject Re: Big RANT on our configure system.
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 17:04:11 GMT
On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 08:46:50AM -0400, wrote:
> This configure system is absolutely horrible.  I have been trying to add a
> simple option to it for over three hours now.  All I am trying to add, is
> --with-program-name, so that we can have different executable names.

And why can't this just be put in now like you always do?

> This
> system doesn't substitute things.

Please be a little more clear and specific about what your actual
problem is.

Yeah, the system is too complicated now. But, it can't be improved if
everyone's complaints are "Blaaaargh! It doesn't work!" (I'm not
picking on you specifically; others do this)

I can *guess* that your problem is that you are AC_SUBSTing a
variable, and it's not showing up in the Makefile. Is that it? I think
the reason is that the build system doesn't let autoconf generate
Makefiles anymore, but does it by itself using

So I think using APACHE_SUBST() with $(VARNAME) will work.

> Now, I am a bit calmer, no I do not want to see us rip the configure
> process out completely.  I would like to see it re-vamped completely, and
> soon.  We have comments in the configure code that says to use
> $(FOO) style variables in the Makefiles, but that isn't how autoconf
> works.

That's how the current build process works though. It was changed by
Sascha to make ./configure faster, and it definitely works, but it is
a deviation from autoconf norms.

> What we have is a bastardization of autconf and shell script as
> near as I can tell.

autoconf is already a bastardization of m4 and shell script, so this
is normal.

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