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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] APR wrapper for iconv
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 09:37:02 GMT
> Jeff,
> It's my understanding (and I'm probably 100% wrong here) that most Unix's
> and other OS's won't need this code?  If that's the case then can you add it
> in a directory for the OS you're working on?  Then just add support for the
> OS into the configure script and that should get teh code building for you.
> I think last time we talked about it, we said we'd have no-ops for Unix and
> any other platform that didn't require the functions.  these should probably
> in the form of mscros (as someone suggested).
> Does that make sense?
> d.
> ----- Original Message -----
> > apr iconv code and commentary

It makes sense that on most systems Apache won't need this code, or at
least Apache won't need this code any time soon.  It seems reasonable
to the ignorant (me) that in the future there is the opportunity for
Apache to do translations of content even on non-EBCDIC machines.
As an example, consider Unicode in a few years.  Most browsers will be
able to handle it great but there will be still be millions of
non-capable machines out there.  It might be helpful for Apache to
recognize this and convert pages as best as it can to a legacy
charset so that humans don't have to maintain translated versions.

As far as whether or not APR needs this code... I don't know.  Many
non-EBCDIC platforms have iconv().  I don't think it is there just for 
communicating with EBCDIC machines :)

Suppose that this stuff isn't generally desired...  Four systems, at
least one of which *is* Unix, will hopefully use these interfaces in
2.0: AS/400, OS/390, TPF, and BS/2000.  It doesn't really fit into an
os-specific dir.  It doesn't belong in an EBCDIC-specific dir either
(at least as far as APR is concerned).

Thanks for your comments.  Hopefully some other folks will chime in

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