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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [APR] writev Problem (HAVE_WRITEV / NO_WRITEV / ap_writev)
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 09:33:27 GMT
I see a problem in the current apache_2.0 code regarding the portability
to machines that lack the writev system call.

The current situation is like this:
* configure tests whether writev is available and sets HAVE_WRITEV
* file_io/unix/readwrite.c checks HAVE_WRITEV and defines the function
  ap_writev() based on writev() if HAVE_WRITEV is set
* main/iol_file.c calls ap_writev() from file_ap_writev()

IMHO the second step should *ALWAYS* define ap_writev(), possibly as an
emulation wrapper based on write(), *OR*
all functions using ap_writev() should be able to emulate it (based on
ap_write()) if HAVE_WRITEV is not set. Of course, the latter is a stupid

What was the design idea behind it?

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