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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] possible solution for a RANLIB make problem
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 03:31:18 GMT
> Is there any difference between using true and ":"? The only one I can
> think of is that true --help generates output on Linux boxes, while :
> --help doesn't.

It makes sense to me (learning more about shell command language even
as I type).

> > My favorite test that fails on OS/390 is a supposed check for ANSI
> > header files.  The test requires that only lower case letters occupy
> > 'a' through 'z' in the code page.
> Well, I have no clue why the EBCDIC guys did this, do you? :)

There is probably an interesting untrue story about this, but I don't
know it :(  I would guess that it has to do with properties of
a mechanical card punch design, which is where it started out.

> > Another one is the autoconf-provided test for mmap() which APR uses.
> > The test requires that mmap() be willing to fix arbitrary storage in
> > order to say that you have mmap().  APR doesn't use that flag, XOpen
> > doesn't require that flag to be supported, but APR won't use mmap() on
> > such a system (yet; unfortunate patch to come later).
> I assume it's just removing "AC_FUNC_MMAP" and adding mmap to the

I was going to be sadistic and actually do some sort of test of mmap()
features that we use, under the impression that there was some reason
for the elaborite mmap() test that autoconf provides.  If you think
that simply checking for mmap() presence is sufficient then its
o.k. with me, but something more elaborite would be a little safer and
keep me out of new-httpd for a while.

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