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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: RANT: Absolute Paths and configure
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 13:34:50 GMT
Manoj Kasichainula wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 08:17:27PM +0200, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> > As I tried to convince us
> > a few months ago, Autoconf is great, but _only_ if _not_ used in an
> > ad-hoc approach.
> *sigh* I asked for concrete advice from you, I didn't get it. If you
> want something better than a newbie's autoconf setup, you have to find
> a non-newbie willing to expend effort on it rather than just
> complaining that it doesn't meet your high standards.
> +1 on replacing the current setup with something far better. I agree,
> it sucks.  It's a pain to follow even for me, since there have been so
> many changes required in the past few months to get everything to
> work, eliminate automake, and so on.
> Unfortunately, +1ing something better is the easy part; writing it is
> harder. It'll either have to be based on autoconf or written from
> scratch. Last I checked, requiring Perl, or any non-standard packages,
> on users' machines was out of the question.  And until the Software
> Carpentry guys come through (assuming that their implementation
> doesn't require Python on users' machines), there is nothing better
> out there that I know of.

Well, we do have some/a-lot of what we needed with the old setup.
Is it time to drop autoconf? To be honest, I think part of the
problem is that no one here is an autoconf expert, and we're
fumbling our way through this. At least with the old way, it
was simple shell, somewhat easy to grok and we wrote it, so we
were more in tune with it.

But I don't know if scrapping autoconf right now is the answer. Maybe
w can streamline it and fix it and clean up how we use it. If after
we do that, we still think it sucks, or it's impossible to clean
it up sufficiently to make us happy, then we move on. I'm willing
to work on cleaning up the autoconf stuff. I'm no AC expert, but
I can play one on TV :)
   Jim Jagielski   [|]   [|]
                "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate??"

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