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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: ap_status_t for Win32 (some conclusion finally?)
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 17:34:36 GMT
> > - It allows using the default unix implementation on non-unix platforms
> > without having to use macro wrappers around errno. IE "return errno;"
> > can be used safely everywhere.
> All the advantages I was hoping for.  As long as we can "return errno" and
> do a 

Ryan (and anyone else):

If I change the APR error definitions I posted earlier today so that
on Windows "return errno" works and that in macros we play some trick
on Windows like turn on bit 29 for native OS errors, does that meet
your approval? 

We can get rid of the APR_STATUS_FROM_ERRNO() junk since errno is
always the natural ap_status_t.

The bit-29 thing is a Microsoft-ism.  They say they own all error
codes where bit 29 is off.  We can invert that (as W. Rowe) suggested
so that "return errno" works.  This isn't a problem as far as I am

Do you agree that non-UNIX APR will need a way at run-time to map
OS-specific functions to APR_Exxx return codes, as illustrated in a
post I made yesterday?

Thanks a bunch!

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