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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src/lib/apr/misc/unix errorcodes.c
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 22:17:36 GMT

> > Ahh, okay, maybe I am making an assumption that you are not. I am assuming that
> > APR_OS_START_ERROR can be set to a sufficiently high number to guarantee it will
> > to contain all system error codes returned by any system APR runs on. I think this
> > reasonable assumption and will apply to most systems (it certainly applies for all
> > practical purposes to Windows). May have to set APR_OS_START_ERROR to 500,000 (20,000
> > do for Windows). For systems where this is not the case, they implement
> > ap_strerror/ap_canonicalize error to suit their needs.  For Windows, it makes perfect
> > sense to make Win32 errors the 'primary error' code in APR.
> No, we still don't agree.  You are forgetting the same thing I forgot when
> I coded it originally. (I first coded it just like you suggest).  We want
> to share code whenever possible.  This means that ALL platforms need to
> use the same primary error values, or code sharing is impossible.

You are right, I did miss this.  But I'm not sure it this is the best design choice. I'll
give it some more thought (or you can enlighten me :-)

<thinking out loud>
The Windows APR code mostly reports/uses Win32 style errors. None of the code can be
shared with anything other than perhaps Novell NetWare (where I suspect all the error
codes are the same anyway).  Posix code can be shared, but Posix uses errno, so that is
not a problem either.

"and what does this mean?"   ........ ????  !! "She's a Witch!" !!

Will ruminate more on it...


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