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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: concerns about the recent error checking added to APR
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 17:14:09 GMT

> > I agree with Jeff on this one. Better to fail in an obvious and
> > way (a segfault).  IMHO, APR should trust the application developer to
> > the APIs correctly.  Otherwise you gorp up the code with all sorts of
> > trivial error checking.  If the application doesn't use the API
> > then it 'deserves what it gets' :-). Okay, I will make a generalization
> > like most generalizations, it doesn't always apply...   You should not
> > error checking to detect programming errors within the scope of the code
> > have access to and control (and can change). In other words, Apache and
> > should trust the other to do the right thing.
> But, APR has always had plans to spin off from Apache.  So the question
> remains, do we provide the error checking when APR is not a part of
> Apache.  BTW, the argument that Apache is APR's only client no longer
> holds water with me.  I had three separate people walk up to me at
> ApacheCon and tell me they had plans to port their apps to APR.
> Note, I am playing devil's advocate here, because I am still very torn on
> this whole issue.

APR will always be open source as will be its applications (at least the
ones we care about :-). So the argument applies even when APR becomes a
standalone ASF project.


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