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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: ap_cleanup_fn_t
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 06:22:56 GMT
> (See the Windows dll linkage warnings on ap_opt* variables in
> APR. It's just blind luck it works at all the way it is)

Actually, it isn't :~)

Since it's both export and import, the linker resolves to export
for APR, since it can't be both.  Of course, this raises 8 errors
(the months and days as well).  On the client side, it strictly
sees the import (the export side buried in the .c declarations).
So - it works.  But anyone using those variables within the APR
dll itself resolves themselves through their very own module's
fixup table (talk about roundabout!)

So..... we -could- just declare all headers import and all source
export, and let the linker fight it out (if you can read past
some 250+ warnings)

Just kidding, of course.

> The SHARED_MODULE technique worked pretty well in Apache 1.3 
> because there
> are only two DLLs interacting with each other at a time, 
> ApacheCore and the
> DSO module.  Apache 2.0 throws APR into the mix which means 
> Apache and APR
> need to have different wrappers (I think). If we statically 
> link APR, then
> we can continue to use the SHARED_MODULE technique.  It works 
> the way it is
> but we do chew up CPU thunking each call to APR. Not sure how 
> significant it
> is though.

Well put, and thanks for all your hard work getting all these
fixes in!  Whenever the ap_md5 -> apr_md5 fix is applied, I'll
back to watching the usual 10 some discrepancies to the tree!


- I didn't really expect you to resolve the *entire* apr_win...
includes issue in one pass!  cool.

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