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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [Patch 2.0] .dsp link options
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2000 23:31:13 GMT
OK... Time for the build patches for 2.0/Win32...

I will start from the -simplest- to the most complex.
A single topic at a time, best as I can.

linkwin20.diffs Resolves:

1) Explicit /base: addresses by the following table...

  Required sizes are for debug builds.  It is assumed that
  as we increase the size of aprlib, we will be trimming
  the size of ApacheCore, and the 278A0000 base can move down.

  ApacheCore.dll            27800000  80000 required

  aprlib.dll                278A0000  40000 required

  ApacheModuleAuthAnon.dsp  27900000
  ApacheModuleCERNMeta.dsp  27910000
  ApacheModuleDigest.dsp    27920000
  ApacheModuleExpires.dsp   27930000
  ApacheModuleHeaders.dsp   27940000
  ApacheModuleInfo.dll      27950000
  ApacheModuleRewrite.dsp   27960000  20000 required

  ApacheModuleSpeling.dsp   27980000
  ApacheModuleStatus.dsp    27990000
  ApacheModuleUserTrack.dsp 279A0000
  ApacheModuleProxy.dsp     279B0000  20000 anticipated

  3 slots still available   279C0000

2) Make APR consistent with the rest of the API and
   not build septypes for debugging (in other words,
   roll in the debug symbols as every other module does.)

   If we decide we LIKE /pdbtype:septypes... then we 
   should be using them throughout.

3) Slide the current path specs into /libpath: options
   so the library list is more ledgible.

4) Drop all the gui crud from the library list.  Everything
   listed is referenced, with the following exceptions:

   *) don't do anything with msvcrtd/oldnames today.
   *) aprlib and ApacheCore have the same list, since functions
      may still be moving between them.
   *) apache.exe looses networking (it doesn't), while it keeps
      advapi, which I don't think it needs, but it could later.
   *) add aprlib to ApacheModuleProxy, since it will need it.
   *) hang mswsock whereever ws2_32 is invoked.  I believe
      the most special case was ApacheModuleProxy, which may
      become entirely APR.  But for today we hang onto both.

5) MAP, MAP, MAP, everything gets a map.  I for one have an
   untold number of installed OS's and boot mappings, and the 
   debugger isn't installed to all of them.  We gotta be able
   to track down those renegade GP faults.  (What faults...
   I know, it's clean, but I am overly cautious that way.)

6) Set the DEFAULT linkage to be this linkage.  Because
   "it's a vc thing" the defaults were not all that
   useful as a starting point (take, for example, the
   joke of linking to the OLE libraries).

   I suggest a policy.  Before a release is rolled,
   assure that the BASE options match the current
   options in the dsp project files.  Now, as the
   dev cycle rolls, and we are individually mucking
   around, we can recall the BASE config by simply
   clicking 'Reset' in the settings tab.

   Once a change is put in place, and incorporated
   into the release, we touch to the BASE option
   and loose our 'memory' of how things used to
   be done.

   In other words, BASE changes are deliberate, while
   the current options may be incidental or accedental.

All this can be reviewed right before release... I'm just 
trying to clean up these builds to speed up development.

You will notice there are no .mak files, with a reason.  
Refer to the next post for more info.

Please commit ASAP to minimize the number of hand edits I must do to the diffs, in order to
isolate a single type of change.
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