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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: [patches 2.0 & 1.3] htdocs/manual/windows.html for src/os/win32/service
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2000 19:58:00 GMT

> > > > 3) [both] Due to frequent complains of launching Apache as
> > > a service,
> > > >    and the difficulty of shooting down the issue (when Apache is
> > > >    willing to launch from the command line), the patch to each
> > > >    module will assure NT first launches TCPIP and AFP (winsock)
> > > >    in order to assure that Apache launches smoothly at startup.
> > > >

As promised... the htdocs patch.

I know you will -hate- it.

Ok, the changes to 1.3 are rather minor but involve quite a few lines.

1) document that WinSock2 is *REQUIRED*

2) eliminate notes about NT 3.x - it isn't Winsock2

3) Reverse start as command line / start as service


4) add service docs, and lots of them

The 2.0 patch is a mess, yes I know it, but we need to overhaul anyway.

1) same as 1.3

2) move compiling out to win_compiling.html

3) clean up formatting and unbalanced tags

4) shorten (most) long lines.

5) I didn't touch the compiling instructions, although I am
   working up changes to that new file.

Why 3)?  Because if we have to maintain it... we ought to be able
to read it.  We will be stuck with the 2.0 file alot longer than
the 1.3 file (at least touching it).

If you want to hold off on doing -anything- in the 2.0 htdocs
tree, that's just fine with me.

The next change is to pull out EVERYTHING service related into
a win_nt_service.html, and we will begin a win_95_service.html
when needed.  I will do those two at the same moment.

Will you look at one thing, Bill?

Please see if there is a way to pre-test (-t) the config before
accepting the register service request?  combined with my 
'keep console window open on error' fix will really help get
these bugs/newsgroup posts cleaned up!!!

Again, my humble appologies that I did so much work to clean it.

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