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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: MS VC++ with 2.0
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 21:57:53 GMT
> From: []On
> Behalf Of Ben Hyde
> Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 3:46 PM
> Jeff Trawick <> writes:
> > I vote to keep 5.0 as long as practical (realizing that you 
> can't buy
> > it anymore but not yet eager to shell out my own money to upgrade my
> > personal copy).  
> While I agree that there should be no casual change to 6.0 I'd
> be very surprised if the Foundation would raise any objection to
> buying a copy for anybody that provided more than a handful of
> patchs to windows in the last year or two.

Thank you for the suggestion. But my primary concern really revolves
not around the core team and occasional contributors, but the apache
admins who will be using 2.0.  Granted, some will be developers with
the latest and greatest (probably 7.0) compiler, but I know many
software hacks who dropped that interest in favor of networking and
internet works, and hardware hacks who moved to the software side.

I just don't want extra barriers to use.  If we few developers have
to work around this, to make the product directly buildable by a
larger target group, then we do so.

Ya realize I wouldn't even be arguing this if we weren't talking 
about a defaulted project pragma, a numeric stamp and line continuation.
There are really -no- fundimental differences that I've identified 
between the project files!!!  Let's also consider that converters to
the Borland/Watcom/etc IDE's may recognize 5.0 files, but not 6.0/7.0.


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