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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject 1.3.13 - Complete some Win32 PRs???
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 14:53:09 GMT
OK... Usually I just post fixes and wait for reactions.
I'm trying something different today.

I don't have the time to waste posting incompleted patches.
I'm not complaining (perhaps a little, but really not much).

First off, the list has grown fairly long in changes 1.3.13/dev
Many of these changes are Win32, so I don't know that there is
sufficient momentum to begin targeting a date for 1.3.13.

Q.  [all] Are we moving to set a date to 1.3.13?

Q.  [all] If not, is a 1.3.13/int-Win32 release appropriate?

Q.  If I send a set of -clean-, -tested- diff -u 's of the 
    incomplete Win32 work, that is;  mod_proxy cleanup, taskbar
    icon upon minimize, JJ Keijser's Win95/98 run-as-service,
    and the most compact mod_info changes possible, 

    and most importantly, a patch to hold the console window 
    open (until it is dismissed) if the server exits with an
    error (so the GUI fools can see what they broke),

    and I port these patches to 2.0, as appropriate, then

    Will an individual commit to committing these to 1.3.13,
    and the alpha-4?  You've seen the quality of my patches,
    and these changes only touch the Win32 code path.

    I know I won't have trouble finding someone to back them
    out if they break a single thing, so I intend to get it
    right on the first pass :~}

Q.  [Win32/dev] Are you willing to test these fixes?  I can 
    only test the 95/NT 4.0-sp6a versions today.  I will even 
    try to test the 98 patches, thou I don't have the dev
    tools installed on that platform.

I am -not- proposing to overhaul 1.3.anything.  Bare minimum 
changes to fix only these open issues.  The 2.0 fix may be
more generic/flexible.

I feel the ASF does not take the 1.3/Win32 port seriously.  
Of course we state this upfront, but we expect these folks
to come running back to Apache on the release of 2.0?

Many patches have taken months to hit the tree, and other
appropriate patches have been ignored -without comment-.  
This is really not acceptable.  Respond with -something-.  
Everyone gets a chuckle out of the kudo messages to the 
group - I don't believe we take the time to do so for any
or most of these contributors.  That is fine if you commit
their work and credit them.  But if you don't ack them at 
all, you've lost a contributor.

I'm really not supprized we don't see more patches from these
individuals.  I thank Ryan and FirstBill, and several others,
for wasting the time to explain how my patches are good, bad,
appropriate or not.  I don't see such comments in the archived
newsgroups to many of these contributors.

If the revised patches are committed, I will personally take the
time to thank each contributor (several to each issue, in -many-
cases.)  I will offer the correct citations to the changes,
clean of the status, and the list of PR's to close.

Looking forward to Apache as a viable Win32 alternative,


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