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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Apache 2.0 modules?
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 01:37:38 GMT
I'm jotting this to get feedback/priority to the following modules...

Demand for a robots.txt handler?

Given that only the root folder admin can muck with the robots exclusion
file, I'm picturing a module that provides DisallowRobots ... AllowRobots
... etc... and a handler to server /robots.txt against the individual

Two levels of the protocol allow either the strict Disallow: op, or the
Allow: extension.  The second level would be ill advised against all but a
known good client, and will cause far more recursion of the tree.  From the
original protocol, once we hit a Disallow *... that's it.

I have such a husk already working, but not walking... of course I'm having
fun trying to actually hook in all the possibilites defining the web tree

Does anyone think there is a demand for this feature?  I've noticed alot of
contraversy over images and music being 'indexed' (pilfered?) from sites.

Demand for a mod_auth_nt?

Provided that it's fast enough - does anyone have some interest in NT
authentication?  Someone suggested we need some mod_auth_db for NT... and
while we could implement a mod_auth_odbc (seperate project from the core
distribution, probably) I'm wondering if there is interest in authenticating
the login to the server?

Cleartext would be trivial, challenge/handshake might be more of a

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