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From Iniaki Fernandez Villanueva <>
Subject SOCK_RAW to achieve ip-tunneling
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 21:11:51 GMT

Could apache (1.3/2.0) core use SOCK_RAW and handle IP datagrams to
ip-tunneling whithin apache? . The idea is to send a request to
another web server to achieve an efficient load balancing dispatcher
within apache (I'd prefer to implement this whitin a module, but I think
this is impossible).

SOCK_RAW require to run within a "root process". Apache's childs do
connections but they run under an unprivileged user ID, so like apache's
log file, can childs have a copy of the still open socket descriptors to 
handle SOCK_RAW with read and write access? 


		  .~.    Iñaki Fernández Villanueva
   DEBIAN/GNU	  /V\ 
                 // \\   Linux registered user #93164
   SLINK 2.1	/(   )\  Student in Computer Engineering
		 ^^-^^   University of San Sebastian (Spain)

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