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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: layered I/O (was: cvs commit: ...)
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 19:40:36 GMT

On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> The problem of thinking of it that way is that, like Dean mentioned,
> the output of one module may be filtered and the filter indicate that
> content should be embedded from another URL, which turns out to be a
> CGI script that outputs further parseable content.  In this instance,
> the goal of layered-IO is to abstract away such behavior so that the
> instance is processed recursively and thus doesn't result in some tangled
> mess of processing code for subrequests.  Doing it requires that each
> layer be able to pass both data and metadata, and have both data and
> metadata be processed at each layer (if desired), rather than call a
> single function that would set the metadata for the entire response.

you're right, i never looked at Ryan's code.  but maybe you didn't catch
his post saying that he didn't do this in a vacuum -- i was present last
thursday when we discussed this stuff on a whiteboard.

and honestly, i don't know why you're insinuating that a "single function
would set the metadata for the entire response".  in fact, the proposal
was that each handler could play with the metadata... which achieves the
same thing you're asking for.

> My "solution" to that is to pass three interlaced streams -- data,
> metadata, and meta-metadata -- through each layer.

oh god, i don't know if i can read this any further.  you're complaining
about "io relaying" being complex, and you're introducing a whole other
meta layer?


i'm afraid i understood the stuff ryan and doug wrote on the whiteboard

i don't understand a thing you're saying yet.

you seem to be talking about a server which is a completely different
architecture than apache.  sounds great, got some code for us?  this could
delay the 2.0 development greatly if we're waiting for it.


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