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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Server auto-reconfiguration
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 02:15:02 GMT
On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, James G Smith wrote:

> I'd rather not think about the actual implementation at this point 
> so I don't get bogged down in the details that might limit what I 
> think we can do with this.

ok then, i'll start paying serious attention when you've got code :) which
means you could easily implement something that we'll never accept.  this
sounds like it might be a lot of work, so you might want to touch down
to hard implementation stuff early :)

please -- i'd like you guys to start by explaining to me (and others, but
i'm a loud mouth) what you're trying to accomplish.  a few use cases would
be really handy, explaining why apache doesn't currently handle them.  
i'm not being facetious, i just don't understand what it is you're trying
to do.

> [ACAP]
> However, this is even more complex than I'm wanting to start with.
> First, I think we can get by with a configuration api available in
> the parent process (or equivalent) which allows the dynamic
> reconfiguration. 

it's really really hard to change memory that lots of threads are reading.

> This does not involve any IPC.  We could also,
> with very little overhead, make available a hook to allow code
> to be run in the parent process as it manages the children and
> connections.  This hook could be used to provide for self
> configuration as well as IPC to allow for web-based configuration.
> Getting back the the ACAP idea -- maybe we could do an ACAP-lite.
> We don't need authentication, quotas, or ACLs.  We also don't want
> a text-based protocol over IPC, since both client and server parts
> would be fairly well integrated.  This basically boils down to a
> messaging protocol between child and parent processes - or the
> equivalents in other models.

it seems to me like you're thinking about the client side of things a
lot... and the server side could really be as easy as rewrite
httpd.conf/-USR1, or tweak .htaccess (plus some extended .htaccess support
as per tony finch's post)

also, when you remove the fluff from every protocol it essentially amounts
to some variant on this:

C:  hi server!
S:  hi client!
C:  i'm bob!
S:  i'd like you to prove you're bob!
C:  ok!  my mom's maiden name is glaxtrdeab
S:  ok then bob, what can i do for you?
C:  it'd please me greatly if you could turn the lights on!
S:  ok bob, i've done that, anything more?
C:  nope, thanks, ttyl.
S:  glad to help.

so you might as well use HTTP to configure the server, given that we've
already got all the protocol marshalling/unmarshalling code written,
and you'll save code bloat by not adding more marshalling/unmarshalling


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