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Subject Re: libtool in APR.
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:59:59 GMT


After reading the opinions expressed so far, here is my take and my plan
for the day.  :-)

It looks like libtool is more than we need for loading dso's.  It is VERY
useful for compiling dso's however.  Seeing as how we have two projects
and two different dso problems, lets use libtool in one project and not in
the other.  Therefore:

The dso directory is going to be removed from the build process, until it
is actually fixed, before the alpha today.  We will release the alpha
using the dso loading code from the Apache-2.0/src/os/foo tree today.  

After the alpha, we will change the dso directory to use the current
Apache code.  And turn on compiling it again.

When dsotool is released (or before if somebody gets motivated to get the 
code from Ralf), we'll take a closer look at what it provides and
determine at that point if we want to use it in APR to load dso's.

If anybody disagrees with this, let me know.  Currently, I am
planning to remove the dso code from APR for today's alpha, because it
doesn't build cleanly without the second patch from Jon Travis which was
held up by this debate.  I would personally like to see Apache-2.0a2
compile cleanly and delay this decision.


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