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Subject Re: ap_status_t for Win32
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 15:06:07 GMT

I just dug through all of the win32 code to figure out how often we are
returning errno from within APR on windows.  Here's the breakdown.  If you
are having a problem with errno on Windows, remove these errno returns,
don't change an already portable error implementation.  BTW, the reason
the error string you are currently getting is usually wrong, is because we
are calling strerror everywhere currently.

We also currently include errno from a bunch of files on win32, I'm not
going to document those.

ap_get_file_info calls stat, with a note this needs to be changed.  Once
this is changed, we will no longer return errno.

ap_bind is returning errno, but I believe win32 has it's own bind
function, or at least it implements it's own errors on top of bind.

Same thing for accept.  In fact, I was under the impression we weren't
calling accept on win32, hmmm.

gethostbyname is using h_errno.  I am pretty sure this can be replaced by
a windows function

Same thing goes for ap_get_remote_hostname.  There is even a comment that
this is the wrong errno to use (probably)

ap_kill is returning an errno value.

ap_execle is returning an error, this isn't a portable function though,
because I don't think windows has execce anyway.

same goes for execve.

If all of these errno returns are gotten rid of, the current errno stuff
should work everywhere.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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