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Subject Re: DSO Patch 1 of 3 (+ commentary!)
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 23:37:18 GMT

I haven't reviewed these patches yet in any great detail, and I probably
won't until this weekend, but I have one comment already.  Don't worry,
its a minor nit.

I think the dso code in APR needs it's own dir.  I would prefer not to
litter the misc directory with anything that doesn't fit into a current
directory.  Big features should definately get their own directory.  :-)

Told you it was a minor nit.  More comments as I review the code.


On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Jon Travis wrote:

> Ok, so this is my first post to new-httpd, might as well jump in with
> some source.  I've been writing a module for apache-2.0, and it would be
> EXTREMELY handy to have dso support working, so I decided to get it in
> such a state.  There were a number of things that I noticed along the
> way:
>     1)  The DSO code should really not be in src/os, but instead be in
>     2)  The DSO code needed a bit of cleanup, especially with respect to
> types and global variables.
>     3)  These patches should be considered preliminary, with a lot more
> additions in the future.  I think we can do much better on the error
> checking and reporting.
>     4)  I tried to 'port' certain platforms, such as OS/2 and BeOS.  I
> don't have any machines to compile these on, so they code is sitting
> there, and it looks good to my eye, but who knows what the compiler will
> say.  I leave it up to the respective OS owners to help us out with
> patches.
> The patches that are to be made are independent of each other, though
> are really only functional if all are applied.  In order, they are:

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