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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: OS/390-, BS2000-, and TPF-specific files
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 00:19:31 GMT
On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> . move translation tables and a function to translate to APR


I agree with APR support here because different platforms have different
facilities. iconv() on some, Win32 has some, etc.

>   We could have some concept of default translation table for now (in
>   case they are different).  Eventually, users may want to tell Apache
>   what translation to perform, at which point we need to select the
>   translation table.  At that point it would be helpful if the native
>   translation support (e.g., iconv() on OS/390) can be used to load
>   the table, so that the user can deploy existing tools to build
>   custom tables.

(and load into shared memory so the process memory footprint isn't bloated
 by translation tables...0

>   The exact form of the APR support needs more thought.  It could be
>   extremely simple :)

When I brought up some of the translation stuff with Ryan, he was pretty
ambivalent about what/how it should work. I sense that I received was,
"hey... I'm not too fussed about this; whoever gets to coding the real
stuff is free to define the 'proper' interfaces."

> . move general EBCDIC support (code used to decide when to do it) out
>   of os/bs2000, os/tpf, and os/os390 into main/http_ebcdic.c or
>   similar  

The EBCDIC is unrelated to http, so (IMO) this would be util_ebcdic.c. It
definitely seems to be used in a few places, so having multiple copies
seems prone to error. Platform-specific defines in util_ebcdic.c can
handle the minor codepage variances that somebody mentioned earlier.

> . move the OS/390-specific extraction script (and any
>   future build scripts which may be needed just for OS/390 or for any
>   other platform) to the src directory

I think this would go into src/helpers. Maybe src/support. I really don't
think it would go directly into src/ though.

> That will leave the uninteresting os-inline.c in each of those
> directories.  Does anyone know why these platforms have their own
> os-inline.c with the single function ap_os_is_path_absolute()?
> Doesn't that sound like APR material?

Yes, it does sound like APR material, along with filename
canonicalization. Bill mentioned a reason why canon filenames might be
Apache-specific, but I'm not sure that I agree with that.


Greg Stein,

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