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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: OS/390 specific directory in 2.0
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 23:14:40 GMT
On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Bill Stoddard wrote:
> > > > I don't agree that there is a need for os specific code that doesn't
> > > > belong in APR
> > >
> > > Code to handle starting and stopping Apache as a service?
> install/uninstall
> > > service? Code to start and stop apache run from the command line?
> >
> > Last time i checked, these were all Windows issues, and Windows has it's
> > own MPM.  Shouldn't all of these things go with the Windows MPM?
> >
> In my thinking, an MPM controls the creation and destruction of threads of
> execution (execution contexts) and maps network requests to those execution
> contexts. That is all an MPM should do IMO. Okay, maybe a few other things,
> but this is the big one.  So sure, we could put all the Win32 os/src code
> there, but it makes less sense to me than leaving it where it is. I'd rather
> not clutter up the MPM  (witch is already confusing enough) with unrelated
> code.
> As always, I am open to a better way of doing things. I crave simplicity.

I'm all for this model... MPM has a single, particular task. Anything
outside of those bounds should fall under a different, logical
abstraction. Until a better abstraction comes up for these, src/os/* makes
sense (from a historical point).

APR can reduce a ton of platform-specific stuff, and should. But it isn't
going to be able to do everything (because of app-specific neds). We
should simply deal :-)


Greg Stein,

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