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Subject Re: Apache 2.0 alpha. (again) :)
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 17:59:19 GMT

I guess my biggest problem, is I don't understand the reason for the the
break.  I could understand it if APR always built as one monolithic
library.  However it has always been the plan to allow people to configure
APR with only the parts that are required.  This hasn't been done yet, but
it will take a few days after 2.0 is officially released.  I am waiting to
do it, because I consider the other stuff more important right now.

> and back into an ap_ file doesn't actually involve very much effort 
> anyway.  There are some things that might want to stay there (such as 
> the getpass implementations) as they have different implementations for 
> different systems, but again that's an easy matter to fix (apr_getpass 
> in APR and ap_getpass using apr_getpass in Apache??)

Getpass is not portable, which is why it is in APR at all.

I would also say that the original plan for APR didn't have any of the
logic in the apr/lib directory.  That was put in there at the beginning of
APR, and nobody complained when it was done (not by me).  Since that time,
APR became a portable run-time instead of a portability run-time.  This
has been stressed over and over again.

I do not feel there is a NIH syndrome in place.  I, and I believe others,
are perfectly willing to use portable code that was developed elsewhere if
it is available.

Most if not all of the code in APR that was not written specifically for
APR, comes directly from Apache.  Are we considering yanking the pools
stuff out of APR?  How about the other stuff that APR relies upon now?

I think I would like to hear from the person who originally moved all of
the src/ap directory down to APR originally before any decision is made.

> Again, my gut is that we do it on a case by case basis and evolve the 
> philosophy and the exact borderline over time.

So, what do we pull out of APR?


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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